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Isabelle Le Peuc’h

In my supervisor practice I often notice that psychotherapists are neither fully ready to be loved or desired, nor aware of their necessary renouncement before they face the situation. This renouncement is a very special part of the therapeutic relation, tightly linked to commitments and ethics. It is also the hidden part of love and not the easiest one.

My presentation highlights how the constraints required by frame and ethic lead to very interesting opportunities for the client.

These constraints confront the therapist with love (whoever among therapist and client is giving it), with his unconfessed expectations and with his understanding of the therapeutic relation challenges.

As a Gestalt-Therapist, my practice illustrates even more this balance between authorizations and renouncements. In Gestalt-Therapy love is not reduced to a transference phenomena and intimacy is a strong lever to growth. Decided and “just enough” unveiling is also part of the therapist engagement for the client’s benefit.

The presentation is based on both theory and clinical examples.

Présentation de l’auteure

Isabelle le Peuc’h est Gestalt-thérapeute, formatrice, superviseure, et directrice de l’Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt.

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